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Will Kurt be able to help Blaine before its too late? AU-Brittana relationship Santana/Blaine friendship/Blaitana TW: Self Harm,depression and suicide During the hunt for a dangerous fugitive, Neal cons a corrupt music exec.Angst: Friends vanish & Neal discloses secrets to Peter. His fiance randomly dumped him, he flunked out of NYADA, had to move back to Ohio and live with his parents, and then he got the most shocking surprise of all - a BABY.Sequel to 'Sick', but could probably be read alone [TEMPORARY HIATUS (I SWEAR IT'S TEMPORARY]Join Blaine, Kurt, Emma and Elizabeth as they continue on their journey through life.Emma is ready to start kindergarten as Elizabeth is three soon to be four.An interesting episode, and will be able to give maximum pleasure to you.To watch stream Make It or Break It Hope and Faith for full episode, just follow (copy and paste into your web browser) the URL below.This is my well written take on what happened between seasons one and two. Kurt goes back to Ohio to be with his father as he goes through his prostate cancer treatment and bumps into the last person he expected to see at the oncology ward: Sebastian Smythe. The Burkes and their young son think that Neal is dead. Sarah and Neal fluff with some exciting plot twists! But when the new guy from Dalton Academy Reform School for Boys takes an alarming interest in him, he's certain he's going to be in for a wild ride. Blaine, Klaine, AU"There you are, Lady Lips," Santana's voice cut in. Prompt: Kurt leaves Blaine and he finds out he's having Kurt's baby. I took my own spin on it, and this is what came out! However, one little white lie can easily form an entire life full of lies. Post Choke Blaine and Kurt broke up after high school and set out on separate career paths.Neal agrees, against Peter's better judgement, to work undercover as Nick Halden to help agents from another division snag a killer. Complete."Kurt ran his thumbs over Blaine's knuckles once. A few nights after Kurt leaves, Blaine gets drunk and goes home with a girl, resulting in a daughter nine months later.

In the meantime, Payson has an appointment with a best-ranked back sawbones; and the National Squad must show their worth and increase their game.), and Neal practices his singing-while-drugged skills on an unappreciative Peter and a very sympathetic El. Kurt and Blaine, after all their previous attempts at having children have failed, are forced to seek their last option, adoption.They don't expect to fall head over heals for Jayden and his sister, Isabella who have a troubled past that hits home with Blaine.Follow along as they deal with the ups and downs and issues of life and growing as a family.I recommend that you read 'The Truth Always Comes Out' and 'Friends and Family' before reading this story.

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