The radiological dating of injuries

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They have each suffered extremely difficult upbringings where they have each been the subject of sexual abuse and had very disrupted care.

Inevitably those experiences will have an impact on how they themselves parent.4.

The court accepted the experts' evidence that there was no metabolic or genetic cause; and in the absence of any reported event, they were non-accidental.

In attempting to establish a time line of events and who had care for MN over the relevant time period the court sought to detail the movements of the parents and the numerous visitors to their house over that time.

One-Stop Shop for Environmental Public Health Data This Web site provides a reference list of nationally funded data systems that have a relationship to environmental public health.

This list is not meant to be a comprehensive inventory.

Considerable force would have been required to cause such injuries.

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Prior to giving her oral evidence she wrote a very moving letter to me setting out why she asks this court to give her one last chance to look after her children.On 29 April 2016 MY was placed with her paternal grandmother KY Both children remain with those carers and have had three times per week supervised contact with their parents', initially together then following the parents' separation in July/August contact has taken place separately.3.These young parents' lives have been put under intense scrutiny during this hearing.Findings Having regard to the parties' pattern of behaviour and the circumstances of the 24/25 April, the court found that it was more likely that MN was in the father's care when he suffered the acute subdural and retinal haemorrhages, taking into account that fact that he had woken to feed MN that morning, had made the 999 call, had struggled to wake the mother, and the transcript of that call.In light of the impossibility of establishing a clear time line for the preceding weeks, the court was unable to exclude either parent from the pool of perpetrators in respect of the fractures.

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