Ted danson is dating who

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He was a bright star around which the show’s beloved weirdos orbited, with him beaming at the center of it all.

He looked less like a former ballplayer than he did a dancer, prowling behind the bar, a towel thrown jauntily over his shoulder in between polishing glasses.

Of course, only Larry can see it; to the rest of the world, Ted is just the nicest guy.

Take, for example, Danson’s best moment on the show: the episode, in Season 6, in which Ted anonymously donates money for a new wing of the Natural Resources Defense Council building, making Larry’s own named donation seem vainglorious in comparison.

By 1998, when David returned to “Seinfeld” to write that series’ finale (with a mere seventy-six million viewers), Danson was still on his mind.

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Yet that distinction is merely relative; one of the strengths of Danson’s performance on “Curb” is the way he subverts his nice-guy persona, layering in pettiness and malice.By playing an exaggerated version of himself, he reignited a second act in which he could be whomever he wanted to be.As with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and only a handful of other actors, it is now nearly impossible to imagine modern television without Danson.When I saw that Ted would be pursuing Cheryl this season, I quickly Googled it and was relieved to see that Danson and Steenburgen remain, by all appearances, one of Hollywood’s most gushingly in love married couples.Similarly, it should be noted that there is no real animus between David and Danson.

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