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The Los Angeles Rams’ defensive was an absolute beast on the field, a guy who looked more like a soldier on the battlefield than an NFL player.

Blows were exchanged in multiple NFL games this weekend, as frustrations boiled over and chippy play got the better of some divisional or conference rivalries.

NFL games are 120-yard playgrounds lined with fearless, physically-chiseled schoolyard bullies.

But five football players make their presence known and intimidate their opponents' sixth sense before the first whistle.

Harrison has evolved as a player in his later years; surely that self-awareness would make him a handful in a fight, especially considering he’s pound for pound one of the strongest men in the NFL.

But a select group of NFL players take one step out of the tunnel, and their aura leads spectators to believe that the Grim Reaper is juggling machetes inside of their heads.Suh has been suspended multiple times and has lost over 0K in fines over the course of his NFL career. A suspension of two games for stomping on the arm of Packer OG Evan Dietrich-Smith.Combine Suh’s imposing frame, power and violence as a legal player with a willingness to walk the line of clean and dirty, and Suh is one tough hombre.Osemele is a big presence at the line of scrimmage and he has a nose for putting bodies on the ground — not a guy to go toe to toe with.Lewan isn’t just a powerful blocker, he has the gift of gab to go with it.

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