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Those favorites became a shorter shortlist, which was then voted on a second time to arrive at the ranking you’re about to see below.

The films that follow are comedies and dramas, and feature relationships that end happily and tragically.

When Anne has a series of strokes that leave her partially paralyzed and slipping into dementia, Georges is faced with the ultimate test.

Haneke’s style rejects embellishment, and although far from the sappy romance of similar mainstream stories, Amour is — as the title suggests — full of love.

Before movies learned how to talk, they learned how to kiss. From that moment forward, movies and romance were eternally intertwined.

In 1896, just a few months after the invention of film and more than a quarter century before sound came to cinema, Thomas Edison’s company released “The Kiss,” an 18-second embrace between actors May Irwin and John Rice. Then Rice adjusts the ends of his enormous mustache. Movies have gotten longer and more complex, but almost all of them have remained close to this primal impulse; the pleasure of observing people in love.

But it’s the sort of love that is faithful to its human source material: It is sad, challenging, heartbreaking, and, in some ways, terrifying.

Amour explores the dedication of that love, the exceedingly difficult choices it presents, its demanding sacrifices and, ultimately, how far we will go to follow it.

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It’s everything you’d want from the various corners of geek culture all merging into one hyperactive thrill ride.

James Cameron tends to get talked about as a visuals-first filmmaker, but in Dated? There’s an ambitious cute kid who calls a radio station (a radio station! — , except that who you side with will change drastically depending on when in your life you watch it.

When you watch in your teens or early 20s, you’re obviously siding with Troy, the scruffy, unemployed slacker played by Ethan Hawke. As our own Britt Hayes once said, Troy isn’t the guy you settle with, he’s the guy you settle for.

In Tom Ford’s directorial debut, Colin Firth’s George Falconer is a British professor consumed by grief after the death of his partner Jim (Matthew Goode).

Though one could label A Single Man a queer romance, it’s a film that shows the mundanity of a loveless life and the muted grey of heartbreak and loneliness in a way that’s relatable beyond sexuality. Without a single spoken word, Docter shows the beauty and strength of the bond that exists between a great couple, and how it survives through the hardest of times.

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