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Now that you do ‘Dear Prudence’ for Slate, I was wondering if I could ask your advice. The important thing is that you’re in competition with each other.

I’m in constant competition with Ruby Rose to become Australia’s Favourite Lesbian, and I was wondering if you had any tips as to how to take her down?

It would be great if some day the company was worth a significant amount of money and we were able to sell it. I would like to have a bunch of money from making something successful. I'm sure a couple years down the road when we're able to hire an amazing full-time stable of writers, which is the dream, and I am a distant, benevolent wizard who pulls in a bunch of money for having invented the Toast, I'll periodically grace the doesn't pay that well, either.[Laughs]Was there a time when you were worried about the financial side of writing? Writing is not always the most sustainable way of making an income.

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Since then I’ve met a wonderful woman, and we’re currently seeing one another.I cobbled that together to make enough work to pay the bills. I had a friend at Yelp who knew I had just quit my job but said it was easy, good money.I said yes, and then within a couple of weeks, I got a job offer writing somewhere full time.Ortberg, who is also the author of What were you doing before you launched the Toast? I was doing the weekend editing gig at two places in addition to my full-time job.I had worked for an academic publisher for a few years, but I quit to write full time. I wasn't getting paid much at my full-time job to begin with so once I realized that I was making almost as much on the weekends, I decided to quit. I had spent a couple of years building up writing on the side, at first for free and then for a little bit of money here and there.

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