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That’s kind of scary, wonder what it looks like for 70.I’m an old computer nerd who learned to ignore pain cause work seemed more important but I can’t tell you how much it hurts when they pretty much say your just a bum when you’ve been working nights on your own time for years to make things work, been granted big bonus’, etc..

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Shaida, You need to appeal your denial and preserve your rights.

But they will deny the claim politely and with a smile.

We believe that when we buy additional insurance for LTD, we expect to be treated fairly regardless of our current physicial and mental situation.

Don’t know if it’ll do any good at this point, but helps me.

I’d worked through very traumatic experience with my wife’s health to get company project done and ended up losing 40 lbs., diagnosed with depression and back problem which has me more than a bit scared.

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