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"She was really into healing herself naturally," Schloss explains. My family thought I was cuckoo." If Schloss' family thought her interest in natural foods and healing was strange, they must have been dumbstruck by her next move."She was into a macrobiotic diet, eating natural foods. "I was working at [the now-closed Loop restaurant] the Red Sea, surrounded by so many different people from the Middle East and the Mediterranean," Schloss explains.Tory MP Peter Bone added: ‘This is the sort of thing that drives my constituents mad.I expect the Home Secretary to deal with this urgently."A lot of times it's women who drag in their husbands, but they end up enjoying themselves. Maybe one wants to eat healthy and the rest of the group pooh-poohs everything. My front porch swing or, when I'm feeling super special, Bar Les Freres.

Schloss immediately connected with her boyfriend's mother.Al-Sibai and his wife are estimated to be on benefits of more than £48,000 a year – almost double the cap of £26,000.They are able to defy the limit because both are entitled to disability living allowance."I was just bartending and bored, so I decided one day to move to Tunisia." Schloss embarked on a two-and-a-half year adventure to North Africa, where she learned about what it means to eat locally in a culture vastly different from her own."I would go to the markets every day and look for food," she recalls.

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